Blazers beat the Thunder.

Blazers almost 20 balled the Thunder with a score of 114-95. Lillard play pretty good throwing lots a creative passes and had 17 for the night. This was a must win for Portland because they were on a 4 game losing streak. Westbrook was off his 31.1 point average having only 20. Which is the Thunders main source of points and since he had a bad game they lost I think. Also Portland’s bench really showed up that night.

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The Heisman

Lamar Jackson won the Heisman last weekend by a landslide, in my eyes he was the best and the fan favorite. Lamar had 3390 passing yards and 30 touchdowns on the season. Also he was a great rushing quarterback some call him the reincarnation of Mike Vick. He rushed for 1538 yards with 21 touchdowns. At one point in the season he was averaging 6 touchdowns per game. Lamar is only a sophomore at Louisville which I think isn’t a good thing because he could get hurt or enter the draft too early.

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Giants Stomp on the Cowboys.

Giants beat the Cowboys once again making the Cowboys 11-2 and the Giants are 9-4. The final score was 10-7, Giants. Dallas had the lead for most of the game leading 7-3 until about a minute left in the third quarter and Eli throws a little 12 yard pass to Odell that turns into a 61 yard touchdown and gives the Giants the lead going to the fourth quarter. The Cowboys play Tampa next week which shouldn’t be a hard game but they better show up more intense than they did for this game.

The Colts Ground the Jets.

The Colts stomped on the Jets Monday night with the final score being 41-10. Luck was a main factor in their win with making good 10-15 yard passes to get them down the field and had no interceptions. The Colts had control of the game since the first quarter by showing the Jets who was boss. The Colts had almost 2 times more yards than the Jets. The  Colts are now 6-6 and The Jets are 3-9.images

Cast the flag, Raiders are on their way to a Superbowl winning season.

The Raiders are smooth sailing into the playoffs from what it looks like, right now they are 10-2 and the best team in the AFC West with only having one more win than the Chiefs. The game on Sunday against the Bills was a nail bitter with the Raiders going down 2 touchdowns early in the game. But that 4th quarter showed that the Raiders are 2nd half team. The Raiders pulled out with the win. 38-24 being the final

How about them Cowboys!

The Cowboys are off to a great start to the 2016/17 football season. The Cowboys are 10-1 with their only loss being to the New York Giants in week 1. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are having great rookie seasons which in my eyes is the reason the Cowboys offense is doing so well. Let’s not forget about the great receiving core they have with Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley. The Cowboys have a pretty easy schedule for the rest of the season with playing the Vikings in Week 13 which should be a good game, then they have a rematch with the Giants in Week 14.usa-today-9599011-0